Timothy van Sas
Timothy van Sas

Monday, 20 December 2010

Club Velocity presents A NEW YEARS EVE KNEES UP

Club Velocity presents a right royal new years knees up sponsored by editradio.org

Venue Rising Sun Arts Centre 30 Silver Street Reading RG1 2ST
Date December 31st 2010
Doors 8pm All Ages
Sponsored by www.editradio.org
Tax Six pounds door Five pounds advance www.wegottickets.com

The best New Years Eve party in the whole of Berkshire

One of the best party live bands around.They know how to get the party
started.The band started out as
a bit of a giggle, played some gigs, found that they were good and
people liked it.Really,really liked it.Where
ever they play, they keep getting asked back.This will be the third
year in a row these local musicians
will be bringing their rebel rousing country-bluegrass-Kennet delta
blues to Silver Street.We hear that Dolly And
The Clothes will be appearing on an episode of the Archers in 2011!

One of the best kept secrets, not only in Reading, but the whole of
the UK.Berkshires' answer to Frank Black aka Daniel Cooper.
He fronts this mighty rocknroll machine.This baby needs more than fuel
to make it hump.Psych-full on garage-freakbeat greatness.
Lock up your daughters there is a bad mother of a band hitting the
streets of Reading.

Genius!!A local band reaching for the stars.............


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

[edit] radio's - Christmas Mixtape by Kevin Lawson

The affable Tom Crook opened his [edit] radio podcast with two Christmas based songs this week. When he announced that 'was enough' of the seasonal treats I found myself hankering for more. So I interigated my music library, sent out a facebook update for idea's and scoured Hype Machine. Three hours later the mix attached to this post was created for you to download and enjoy.

Happy Christmas from me and everyone at [edit] radio; your support really does mean the world to us.

Band - Song
  1. Teenage Fanclub - Christmas Eve
  2. Los Campesinos! - Kindle a flame in her heart
  3. The Flaming Lips - Christmas at the Zoo
  4. Guster - Tiny Tree Christmas
  5. Death Cab For Cutie - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
  6. Jenny O - Get Down for the Holidays
  7. Grandaddy - Alan Parsons in a Winter Wonderland
  8. Eels - Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas
  9. The Swell Season - Star Star
  10. Johnny Cash - Silent Night
  11. Sufjan Stevens - Christmas In The Room
  12. Frightened Rabbit - It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop
  13. Best Coast and Wavves - Got Something For You
  14. Local Natives - We Come Back
  15. Nerf Herder - I've Got a Boner for Christmas

Club Velocity presents a Christmas Party

Venue - Rising Sun Arts Centre 30 Silver Street Reading RG1 2ST
Date - Saturday December 18th 2010
Doors - 8pm ALL AGES
Sponsored by www.editradio.org
Tax - Five pounds gets you in.

Their last gig of 2010 and what a year it has been.First show in January,then asked by the BBC to play Reading/Leeds festival, gained national radio play fortheir twenty pound demo,secured tip top London management.Still stupidly young in age and history.The band deal in squeezing out the past and making it fresh for 2010 and beyond.Wonderful noise pop for the Top Shop generation.They have played some of the biggest and best live shows of 2010.If you havent checked them out, then hurry up and jump on board, before its too late.

Sixty Watt Bayonets
Firm living local legends now.Frantic full on female fronted popcore.Hey they are in fact the best female fronted UK popcore.Beth Ditto having a pillow fight with Minor Threat, or Mavis Staples headbutting Greg Ginn.Critically acclaimedfrom such heavyweights as Steve Lamacq and Kerrang!.They are not too be missed.Their live shows are legendary.Is Penny Readings answer to GG Allin(obviously without the nudity, voilence and pooing on stage-of course!) Happy Christmas to you etc etc Punk Is Love and do you not forget it!

Our fave new solo 19 year old singer songwriter.Fab!!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Crystal Castles – Not In Love (feat Robert Smith) – By Kevin Lawson

Some relationships are solely based on the physical; the unrelenting desire to fuck each others brains out, with little regard for anything else. There are no common interests or aspirations. There are no idiosyncrasies which the other partner refers to as ‘cute’. You’re just going at it like rabbits and hoping that’s enough. When such primal relationships breakdown and end, there are no foundations of friendship on which to rebuild, nothing remains and it’s the breakdown of this type of relationship that ‘Not In Love’ chronicles.

Originally written by 80’s Canadian new wave rockers Platinum Blonde, the song was first covered by Crystal Castles on their excellent sophomore record (Crystal Castles II) released in April this year. Their first run at the track saw them submerge the track in a fog of bitterly cold synths and emotionally stunted vocals. It was rank with the hollow indifference that left with when such physical attraction dies. It was effective, but one dimensioned and didn’t make for the most memorable of covers.

Six months later they’ve had a second run at the track and the results are startling. The bitter synths have been retained and still throb with indifference. The emotionally stunted vocals have been ousted and replaced by the vocals provided by The Cure front man Robert Smith. His expert delivery gives the tracks verses new layers and depth by plunging you headfirst into what I call “break-up sickness”. A feeling composed of regrets, rejection, depression and bitterness that manifest as endless dull ache in your stomach. On this version each emotion is almost tangible, even painful.

However the collaborators weren’t content with adding just this, they wanted to go a step further. They wanted the cure (pun intended) for this ache to be included in the track. As Smith approaches the end of each verse, you can hear the resolve building in his voice. Until finally he proclaims “I’m not in love” and the track is awash with cathartic release and the warmth of a thick layer of house synths.

It hits home like the moment you let go of your final feelings of lust for your lover, when the sickness passes and your left with the question “What did I ever see in them?” The track has been transformed from easily forgettable to one of the best covers of the year, leaving me to wonder what would happen if more Crystal Castles songs were collaborations?

Not In Love (feat Robert Smith).mp3

Friday, 3 December 2010

Fluxblog 2010 Survey Mix

Matthew Perpetua is a great music journalist. His website http://www.fluxblog.org/ is well written, personal and an amazing source of new music.

This week he released an eight-disc, 157 song mix of some of the best and most notable music from 2010.

In Matts own words:

"It’s fairly comprehensive, covering indie, pop, rock, punk, folk, rap, R&B, soul, dance, country, modern classical, ambient and electronic music, and in many cases, hard-to-classify genre hybrids. I inevitably had to leave out some things, but I think you’ll find that this serves as both a helpful guide to some of the year’s most exciting music and a surprisingly listenable series of mixes. Discover new stuff! Rediscover familiar artists in a new context! Jam out to ten and a half hours of world-class tunes! If you enjoy this, please do pass it on."

Here's the link so you can do the same.


Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Club Velocity press release - By Sid Siddle

Club Velocity shows at Rising Sun Arts Centre 30 Silver Street Reading Berkshire RG1 2ST are proud to annouce sponsorship.
From December 1st our two shows a month at RSAC will be sponsored by [edit] radio http://www.editradio.org/

[edit] radio was founded by Kevin Lawson in the Spring of 2009. Each week you'll find a brand new 40 minute podcast that will play the best in New and Alternative music.
It has very much been a word of mouth concern to date.

Club Velocity started promoting at Silver Street March 2003.Since then, the likes of Bloc Party, Holly Golighty, Pete And The Pirates, Six Nation State, Prinzhorn Dance School, Beggars, Tripwires,
Ben Marwood, Midimidis,Tom Williams And The Boat, Peers and dozen others have treaded the boards.

With the help of sponsoring Club Velocity (RSCA), [edit] radio, should see their listenship increase month on month.

[edit] radio and Club Velocity are very much on the same wave length. They both have beating hearts, real soul and burning passion to champion  new bands and music
that they both believe in. Both based in Reading, Berkshire and both proud to be based in the town.

Kevin Lawson
founder of [edit] radio says

“The opportunities that Club Velocity at Silver Street gives talented musicians to perform to their audience was a direct inspiration for me to create the podcast. Our sponsorship is about repaying that inspiration; because without Club Velocity there’d never have been [edit] radio"

Sid Siddle
founder of Club Velocity says

"It took me  about a second, to say yes to get involved with Kevin and his website. He has been coming to Club Velocity for many a year. The website is a breath of fresh air.Its run by real music fans, who are doing it for all the right reasons.All the djs/writers are very passionate and knowledgeable about their music.I can not recomend it enough.I think this will be very good for both parties.Especially in 2011, it really does look like the Reading music scene, should finally really get the national recognition it deserves"

Any further infomation  sidsiddle@hotmail.com